1-Day Wildlife Photo Safari

Full Day Summer Wildlife Photo Safari

In the search for the biggest wildcat in Patagonia.

Embark on a captivating Full-Day Wildlife Photo Safari with Leona Amarga Expeditions, set amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Estancia Laguna Amarga. This private haven, situated at the entrance of the iconic Torres del Paine National Park, spans over 6,500 hectares (16,000 acres). Dubbed "the home of the Pumas," this unique property hosts an abundance of these majestic creatures. The focus of our program is wildlife observation and photography, with the ultimate goal of spotting the Andean Mountain Lion.

Our collaboration with skilled puma trackers ensures that this tour stands out as one of the finest for puma-watching and photography, ideal for those seeking a memorable experience within a limited timeframe.


Your adventure begins at the Laguna Amarga viewpoint, where our knowledgeable guide will warmly welcome you and provide a brief overview of the day's activities. The journey unfolds as we explore various "hot spots" with elevated chances of encountering pumas, along with other fascinating wildlife such as gray foxes, skunks, rheas, and guanacos. En route, you'll pass several scenic viewpoints and picture-perfect locations, all framed by the iconic three towers, ensuring your photos capture the essence of this remarkable property.

It's crucial to note that, with only one day, spotting pumas is not guaranteed. This program is particularly recommended for those with time constraints.

Choose between 2 Wildlife options:

Pumas are most active early in the morning and late in the afternoon, making them easier to spot during these times. Midday is their usual nap time, prompting us to pause the search until the afternoon. We suggest opting for two sessions: AM and PM, each lasting approximately 3.5 hours (including the search).

AM and PM: Following the 3.5-hour session, your guide will return you to your vehicle. If your accommodation is nearby, we recommend returning for rest, lunch, and relaxation. If not, bring a lunch box, and we'll guide you to a suitable spot to dine and relax or nap in your car during the break before the PM session.

Only AM or PM: For those with limited time, a single session lasting about 5 hours is available. We recommend this option if you cannot stay in a nearby hotel and have time constraints either in the morning or late afternoon.


The schedule varies based on the time of year. In summer, with long daylight hours, tours typically start early in the morning, while in autumn and winter, when daylight is shorter, tours commence later.

At midday, we recommend returning to your hotel for lunch and relaxation before reconvening at the meeting point in the afternoon.

The exact schedule depends on the sunrise and sunset of the month, with estimated starting hours as follows:

AM: Meet between 05:00 (December) and 08:00 am (April)

PM: Between 03:00 and 04:00 pm

The tour lasts approximately 7 hours.

What to bring:

Ensure you're adequately dressed with a base layer, windbreaker, and rain gear. Don gloves, hats, and sturdy trekking shoes. Sunglasses are a must. For optimal wildlife observation at a distance, bring a high-quality binocular between 8x and 10x.

For photography enthusiasts, we recommend a 400 mm (minimum) lens and a tripod or monopod.

Important information:

The 1-day program does not guarantee puma sightings.

Puma sightings are only guaranteed on multi-day programs.

Minimum 1 participant, maximum 6 participants.

Fitness level: Low/Medium.

Be prepared for the ever-changing weather of Torres del Paine.

Expect to cover long distances, mirroring the pumas' movements (between one to three kilometers per day).

Participants must be 18 years or older.

Transportation to the property, where the tour begins, is not provided within our operating schedule, so renting a car is necessary. We recommend staying overnight in one of the nearby hotels.

The tour does not include meals or beverages.

For more details on our rules and regulations, please refer to our Guests' Guide. If you're interested in booking a 1-day wildlife tour, kindly email bookings@leonamarga.com with details on the number of participants and your preferred dates.


  • One local Guide, expert Puma Tracker
  • Use a Toyota Hilux 2019 4WD with fuel during the tour at the estancia
  • Puma fee

Not Included

  • Transfer in / out Laguna Amarga viewpoint
  • Meals
  • Tipping
  • Travel insurance and visa